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Jörg Mrowietz has been a drummer since birth and had a lot of rhythm in his blood as a child. It all started with the drums and continued his career as a DJ in the eighties. From then on he wanted to set up his own record company and founded the label Cold Effect (CER) Records at the end of the eighties. He is a producer and sound artist was also known as Alias ​​- Cutmaster Cool J, CCJ / The Brain or ASH and many others. CER give newcomers the opportunity to release studio recordings as well as vinyl records. His former label was all Main Stream but also innovative. With the first record he had the idea to mix rap with vocals, as the group T.F.D -Crew was born, which was played in many clubs, radio stations and club charts catapulted. The co-producer was Mr. Electro, Anthony Rother (Datapunk). The single was successful, but since the label was too small to operate it all in a short time, to all records stores. Soon after, there were many producers who recognized this style. The most well-known hit was in the charts worldwide, with the participation Rapper Turbo / Snap. Later realeases on CER also followed, MVT-Hype the Bass, Ardana / See the Light, Kurtis Blow - the Breaks (remix), Gate III, Ash (Celloloid, CCCP and many more. The focus now is Techno Music. Innovative and fresh sounds with high quality. The first Track on his Label ZakkBeatzZ are " Thizz" Brain Infection EP, is already being played in many clubs and festivals. First release EP is "Brain Infection".




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