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Gi-Shin Mission Changdarc
Gi-Shin was one of the ancient gods in charge for music, pleasure and enjoyment.
Because of his attitude of rebellion against the other god's unjust behavior of torture towards humans by making their life miserable, he was banned long time ago.
As time goes by Gi-Shin transformed into phantom power using human surfaces and bodies as interfaces for his music. Wherever he may go, his music will always fill up the atmosphere.
Traveling in time and space he began his mission of encouraging people to follow their heart and make their dreams come true.
One beautiful day, he discovered Changdarc, a brave hearted tailor, who´s actions were always wildly different from other people and his mind was the same rebellious as Gi-Shin's .
Striving through urban jungles and endless dark valleys, Changdarc was singing his shades of melodies in words.
By their first encounter the rocks began to melt, the river started to seethe and in total eclipse the darkening of a heavenly body, the sun and the moon appeared in the sky.
They both couldn't ignore the destiny announced by these given signs -
this unit of strong characters joined their forces to spread the word of positivity, the melody of encouragement and to liberate mankind from the reign of the remaining gods.



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