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Funcast is the union of Jean Claude Fanout and Andrea Castello:
Jean Claude Fanout since 1994 work in various bar, club, night club in Italy like the deejay.
In 1999 he begun a profesional deejay. In 2000 he begun to study the music, the piano and the music sequencer with musician Roberto Jonata
He plays various kinds of music in particular dance commercial music.
In 2010 met dj Ricky Magilla, Gigi Cerin and Andrea Rizzi by Sensorama Records and in 2011 he produces Spanish Girls and Privilege.
In 2012 he met Sandy and produce Happy Days with Officina Sonora. In 2013 he met DJ Enea and he publishes Funjc - Summer Breez with Unistory.
In 2014 he met Linda and publishes Eternity.
In October 2014 he created the labels Funtek Records and Wellness Life Records.
In 2015 he met Dj Lucas with DJ Enea and publishes Sex with myself.
In March 2017 he created the label Funjoy Records.
Andrea Castello was born in 1986 in Vicenza, when Queen were playing at Wembley stadium in London, when Madonna made her debut with “True Blue” album, when the “Boom” was a landmark for the night-life in Vicenza.
What to say… I touched the keys of the first piano at the age of 10 in a famous hotel in Vicenza , then my mother understood that nobody taught me how to play “Jingle Bells” but I was able to play it, and that was the strange thing.
I’ve been sent to a music school, first to private tutor and then I attended the conservatory.
I decided to organize my first parish party starting with two compact discs and a live mixer.
The next day I was contacted by a lot of families, that were shocked about my event; too much transgressive for those conformists.
I took this experience as a reason to improve and, updating myself in musical and technological environment, I opened my first disco-bar at the age of 20 called “En Plein Air” in Vicenza, where I took care of the artistic direction and management.
Being the owner of a bar required big responsabilities that allowed me to develop administrative expertise.
In 2012 I met Alberto Seganfreddo with whom I created an artistic collaboration that gave me the opportunity to combine my music with his painting.
Vood idea was born in Formentera, a place that inspired me to create a “source of artistic ideas” that I named Factory.
After a time off I decided to restart to cultivate my passion for music concretely, launching my registration studio, where I can express my art introducing a new musical style.




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