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Born. 11.06.1976 in St. Gallen CH
Nat: Italien
Dee Jay since 1993
At the beginning of the swiss techno- and house movement hurricane was dancing through the nights and partys where he was able to get contacs to many important activists and campaigners of that scene.
After beginning turning the tables by himself in 1993, soon the first gigs at smaller partys and private events came up.
In the age of 21 he was taken under contract by Mattia in the legendary Space Club as the residential DJ. Here he deeply impressed the partycrowd with his variable sets and his sympatic personality.
Because of that he got his name “Space-legend DJ Hurricane“ wich was created and published by the local media.
In that time he was able to socialize in the szene and got the chance to demonstrate his ability on bigger events.
Afterwards ( 2001 – 2007 ) his own partyseries like the „Space-Night“ und the very successful „Extreme House“ were following. In the meantime Hurricane is working together with various artists from east switzerland like Klangforscher and Dj Atomic.
DJ Name Changing:
At the biginning of 2008 the decision came up to change my name: dj Frank Barella
2011-2013 own successful party series: 4 Takt
own tracks: Feel the Vibrations (Pushing Point rec.), Higher (Monday Night rec.)



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