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Christian Ferretti, known as Ex Human, was born in Rome (Italy) on 3 May 1973.
He states:
"I think music is the fourth dimension, where every note can represent a step towards fantastic places and unique sensations."
EX HUMAN is a self-taught composer and he mainly plays by ear. Although he started in 2014, to date he has composed more than 300 songs of various kinds.
He prefers electronics, but made with the heart, the only part that he kept from when he was human. His dream is to compose soundtracks, the genre that feels the most in his circuits.
While composing he always tries to tell a journey or a dimension through emotions, to transport the listener not only with the rhythm, but also with the melody, to impress something.
He composes step by step, playing every single instrument through the keyboards. It does not use loops, patterns or samples of other properties, but creates all the sounds, mixing and mastering by itself. He also likes to make his graphics and logos.
From 2016 he attended a course of professional Mastering and HD recording.
In 2018 he joined some international music sites, where he was received with affection and esteem by many artists. In a short time his listening index rose to the top ten of his musical genre. On their proposal, he has made some collaborations with international artists and others are still in progress.
In 2019 the Italian music label Gix Music wrote it and began to distribute his music.
He also states:
“Every time I compose a piece of music I finally feel fulfilled with the knowledge that I do what I really like and make me better. For me music is a universal language that everyone can understand, especially if it speaks to the soul and I hope to reach your ... "
Fabrizio Foggia - (Italian composer, arranger and producer) talk about him:
"I immediately got in touch with Ex Human. Like me, he loves the essence of sounds. He stands out for the attention to detail. And I really like that he first imagines the music in his head and then he puts his hands on the musical instruments to make it happen. In his songs I find precision, detail, but never lack emotions and a strong creativity as a composer. I say directly that Ex Human is a digital mind with an analogical heart. "
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