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Hi and welcome to my bio i have been in the music industry since i was about 11 years old ,i was djing with my dad weddings and pub function .I started buying records and built a massive collection and soon started djing for myself.A little time after i herd about pirate radio and asked if i could get a slot or show so that's when i went on green-apple radio got my own show as the cookie monster
I was living with my parents still at the time and they had a coach house out the back so i renovated it and this became my studio and bedroom i set up my decks and bought a pc and synths and cubase .A friend of mine already had a studio set up and i use to hire his for the day and he was on a label called big giant music ,if your tunes are good we can put you on the label so i was know on little giant music Then after a while i decided to go it alone and made a single called too late by DJXX



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