Artist Info

He played as dj:<br /> in 1987 in private party,<br /> <br /> from 1989 to1992 master dj in the best roman funk front rave like Quasar-PG ,Dada club,<br /> in 1990 he founded the first club underground in Rome - LE GROTTE DI COSTANTINO, along with Leo Young ,Marco Funari, Mauro Tannino, Lory D and Leo Anibaldi.<br /> in 1992 he moved to London where he learned a lot of new electro sound, and in short time he found clubs to play as dj....HAEVEN,SUGAR,TROL, ecc...<br /> <br /> In 1997 he started experience producer printing 10 vinyl and 7 cd for -SOUND4GROUP - STEFANO NOFERINI,<br /> he played for other live clubs as PIPER - Rome, ALIEN - Rome, NRG - Rome, SUBURBIA - Rome, FRONTIERA - Rome, METAVERSO - Rome, PETER PAN - Riccione, PACHA - Sharm, PRINCE-Riccione, RED ZONE - DIVA CLUB - PESCARA, JUICE - Firenze, MIAMI MUSIC CONFERENCE -PARTY IN THE WOOD - Aquila<br /> <br /> He cooperated whit must important records label like - DISORIENT, NU PHONIC, SNIFF, PRONTO RECORDS, MUSIC INSTITUTE, ONE STAR,HIGHEST SOUND LEVELS RECORDINGS



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