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Chris Spring
Born in Berlin, central Germany, Chris emigrated to Canada. Age 13, his dance music awakening came during the grip of the country's then-exploding break-dance scene.
Know he is a well known DJ and Producer/Remixer with a loyal fan base.

Chris Spring: "I didn't even imagine that so many people would support my productions and share the feelings with me. I am very thankful to the people who have been interested in my music."

Today Yuri Kane continues working on remixes and original singles with such vocalists like Tiff Lacey, Ridgewalkers, Marcie Joy, Kate Walsh, Melissa Loretta, Sopheary. Realizing that he must work at least as hard as earlier to get even more success in 2011, Yuri Kane is directing energies toward attracting new listeners, working with new ideas, and further promoting the trance music in the world Electronic Dance Music scene.




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