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Choco Loco had started with an age of 14 making his own beats by using tools like EJAY. Since that his passion and instinct producing electronic music developed continuously over the years. Over the last two years he had various successful releases in cooperation with other labes . A great success he had with his track " Deep in Black Forest " in the category "Hardtechno" securing a second place at Beatport over weeks. He was also ranked 8th in the category best artist in 2015.
In the near future he will change his current artist name "Choco Loco" to "Jovanni Cimino" and use it for all upcoming productions.
The reason for that change is the fact that too many artists in different branches and genres are using the name "Choco Loco" already.
For that reason he was faced with mistaken identities several times.
Those mistaken identities were leading to confusions and mistakes that have caused
disadvantages for him while others got the benefit.
As "Jovanni Cimino" is unique and here with distinctive beside sounding more professional
he will change his current artist name
"Choco Loco" to his name at birth
"Jovanni Cimino"

Based on his succes he founded in 2015 his own label "CLB-Choco Loco Beatz"
to market and distributet his productions
in the most popular digital portals for music like Beatport , Amazon , Google play and Spotify.
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