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Chevro /Electronic Music Producer

Chevro’s real name is Manuel Schedler and he was born February 17th 1980. Ever since he can remember, music meant inspiration to him. New Ideas evolved and he felt the desire to realize them!
Everything started in his early years when his father (DJ Heartmood) allowed him to accompany him to his gigs… From the beginning he was fascinated by the experience of seeing people feeling free and happy when their favourite music was played. And the idea of doing the same thing as his father captivated him. At first he performed as a DJ on private parties he soon found out the ‘market’ was already overcrowded with DJs and he felt like a number. So he began to look for a different approach to music.
By the time he started playing the piano at the age of eight, interest began to grow to produce music himself. A bit insecure at the beginning but developing and in the meantime quite professionally…
Growing up in the 80ies and 90ies he was much into synthesizer sounds. As a consequence he likes producing tracks of the categories Electro, House, Goa, Ambient and a lot more – just depending on how he feels. So what was missing was the knowledge about ‘mastering’ and he picked that up in a crash course from Sensual Squeek.
A lot more tracks by Chevro are about to follow and he keeps trying to achieve the same goal as his father – to see people feel free and happy with his sounds and give them inspiration!
This was a quick look at Chevro’s life and his approach to electronic music. Since early 2012, Sascha D. a new Member of Chevrorecords and he brings new and interesting ideas.




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