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Breeze & Freeze is a DJ Duo from Berlin, Germany.
At the End of the 80s, Breeze grew up between two older Brothers wich had heard a lot of early elektronic music, until he found his own path in the 90s with "Dream Dance", "RaveBase" or even "Thunderdome" with Acts like: ATB, Sunbeam, RMB, Sash, Chicane and Scooter.
Freeze discovered the electronic Scene at 2001 (when both meet each other for the first time) with the "Technics DJ Set", "Tunnel DJ Networx" and "A State of Trance" with Blank & Jones, Amin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, DJ Shog, Above & Beyond, Tiesto and Aly & Fila.
Both discovered quite quickly...both love Trance.
So, they bought a simple 2 Line Mixer and 2 (non-pitchable) CD Players and recorded countless Tapes.
At 2003, both thought about producing their own Trance Tracks.
At first, they started with "Music 2000" on Playstation, but quickly changed to FL Studio 3 on PC.
They have tried a lot of different VSTi like Reason, Cubase and Ableton but they remained with FL Studio until now.
They produced Tracks like Awakening (supported by Dennis Sheperd & Giuseppe Ottaviani and Hit the #1 in the Sunshine Live Uptrax Charts), Across the Beach, Rising Sun (Hit the #1 in the Sunshine Live Uptrax Charts too), Epic, Cloudwalker, Awake, Spring Rain, Daylight or Beyond.
They remixed Tracks for: Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Cathy Burton, Dave Emauel & Steve Nyman and Dennis Sheperd.

Loveparade 2003 Afterparty, Cosmic Calling, Friday13th 2008, Cell Core 09, Halloween Rave 2003-2012, Shufflemeeting 2011, Free Rave I-III, Melody of Madness, SilvesterBoom 2014, Visitors 2014, Silvester Boom 2k15, Enter the Void

Software: FL Studio 12
VST/VSTi: Sylenth1, Nexus², Massive, Kontakt, Spire, Fabfilter Pro
Keyboard: Alesis QX49

Software: Traktor Pro 2
Hardware: Scratch A6
Mischpult: Behringer DJX700
Turntables: 2x Reloop MK2
CD Mixer: Jaytech Double Deck CD-44



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