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The art project Another Scope 2001 was founded by the artists Gerd Kohlmeier and Ralf Velasquez. This name stands for classical music in the modern streamline sound. Ralf and Gerd developed their own personal reading of famous composers, whereby the duo follows the grades of the score. With an unusual arrangement Another Scope expands the works of the old and new masters audible worlds by their own, acoustic perspective and in 2001, the two musicians used Roland VG 88 guitar synths to create the orchestral sound wall of Violins, Cellos Live. After more than 100 concerts, the two artists performed in 2003.

Today, Ralf Velasquez has brought the project back to life, in the streaming age with current technology to continue the sound of another scope as a studio project. He produces, classical style DJ tools with traditional instruments, beats by Bach Vivaldi Mozart. Also, piano concerts by Beethoven are digitally produced with additional original samples from Steinway. Electronically, their own composites are also connected with old instances. and combines classical with pop, dance and EDM.




Contact: Velasquez Records


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