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YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web; YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day.
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1. The First Impression

Create Channel Art

You can use it to brand your channel’s identity and give your page a unique look. Make sure your art shows your channel’s name and logo. Keep in mind that channel art looks different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays.

Add a Channel Description

Conveying valuable information that helps viewers understand what they will be watching. You can enter a maximum of 1,000 characters and links in the description field. Click on the “About” button; here is where you can add your channel description.

Pay Attention to Spelling

Writing mistakes make you look unprofessional and discredit your channel.

Upload a Channel Trailer

Showing to all unsubscribed visitors to your channel. Keep it short; your trailer should be one to two minutes long. Use it as a way to offer a preview of your channel's offerings so viewers will want to subscribe.

Make Effective Thumbnails

To help viewers decide to watch your videos. Well-designed thumbnails and titles can attract more fans to your channel.
Optimize Your YouTube Channel
Enhance your channel’s search and discovery potential
Use Social Networks
Grow Your Audience

2. Content Development

Learn from Best Practices

Watch and analyze the videos that generated the most views on YouTube and get inspiration from them.

Improve Your Video Editing Skills

Choose a video editing software and take the time to work through a tutorial for your software of choice. Remember - the best way to get good at anything is a lot of practice.

Start Off Energized

And get the important stuff in. You have 15 seconds to capture your viewers’ interest – make the most out of this time.

Add Cards to Your Videos

To promote your brand and other videos on your channel. Add cards to old videos with many views to prompt your audience to watch new videos.

Keep 'em Watching

Upload short video interviews with musicians as well as behind-the-scene videos, or make a video to reply to comments. Interacting with a community on YouTube encourages audience participation and leads to long-term channel growth.

3. Consistency & Frequency

Upload on a Regular Schedule

Stick to delivering videos on a certain day, and communicate this to your audience.

Add Hashtags to Your Videos

Hashtags in the video description are links that users can click on to go to that's hashtag's search results page to see more videos. Do not add hashtags that are not directly related to the video. Misleading or unrelated hashtags may result in the removal of your video.

4. Communication & Presentation

Engage With Your Community

If you ask your viewers to submit comments or answer questions, consider featuring their replies in your next video. Seeing their comments or usernames can inspire your community to interact even more.

Learn from Others

Add links to videos that viewers watch along with the current video, or videos that are topically related. They could be videos from your channel, or from a different channel. Make sure it’s easy for viewers to find your videos.

5. Promotion

Engage With Your Community

Once you have begun to grow your community, it is a good idea to reward your viewers. Ask them to subscribe – in return, you can feature their content in your videos.

Opt in for Feiyr’s YouTube Program

Socialize and collaborate with other creators on YouTube is an effective way to grow your audience. Mention and feature other YouTubers in your videos – so you can earn your way into the ranks of this influential network and drive your traffic through cross-channel promotion.

Tip – The Feiyr multi-channel-network is one of the biggest networks in the music industry.
Go to “Tools & Service” > “YouTube” > “YouTube Brand Channel/Feiyr” in your Feiyr account – here you can opt in for Feiyr’s YouTube monetization program. With our YouTube Monetization program, you will get paid ad revenue for those same videos via YouTube’s Content ID system.

Use social media

And share your videos and playlists on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ etc. They provide an opportunity to tag and mention friends and other content creators.
Tip – do not share too much on social media; your followers might react negatively. Ask your viewers to help you promote your channel, but don't force them. Just invite them to like or share your videos.

6. YouTube Success Factors in Order of Importance

A) The video

 Is the title effective?
 Is the description comprehensive?
 Have you used tags?
 Is there a transcript?
 Is there a click-compelling thumbnail?
 Does the file name include key words?
 How old is the video?
 Is your video HD quality?

B) The Channel

 How often do you upload new videos?
 What is the level of commitment?
 How many subscribers does your channel have?
 How many views does your channel have?
 How relevant is a theme?
 How is the content quality?
 How old is the channel?

C) Engagement

 How many views does the video have?
 How loyal are viewers?
 How many comments does the video have?
 How many times has the video been shared?
 How many likes does the video have?
 How many "Likes" vs. "Dislikes"?
 How many answers does the video have?


 How many playlists has your video been added to?
 How many links lead to the video?
 How many users recommend your video?
 How many websites has your video been embedded in?
 How many new subscribers did your video generate?
 Does the file name include key words?
 How many subscribers did you lose because of your video?
 Has the video been reported
 as inappropriate?
All the factors are important!
Some factors are more important than others though - that's why they are in order of importance:
is more important than

7. Legal

Follow the Rules of YouTube!

Otherwise, your videos might be removed and your channel terminated. If your content is ID’d, you must have the exclusive rights to the material that you upload. Common examples of items that may not be exclusive to individuals include cover versions, mash-ups, “best ofs", compilations and remixes of other works, recordings of performances (including concerts, events, speeches, and shows).

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