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Welcome to Recode Recordings! We're all about showcasing the outstanding and often new talent in the world of music. Here you will find releases from both established and unknown artists in the world of Dance Music & Electronica. Many of the writers and artists on this label have refused to be pigeonholed or restricted to one genre although typically you may know them for producing a certain style and genre that they have become recognised for over the years. <br /> <br /> Our ethos is to strive for development, constant innovation and ultimate musical expression in what we create, produce and release. <br /> <br /> Subsequently, don't be surprised if you hear a piece of music that does not reflect what a featured artist / producer remixer usually stand for.<br /> <br /> <br /> So in the forthcoming months and years you will be exposed to alternative approaches and new ideas and we hope to offer you a fresh perspective and healthy reflection of Dance Music / Electronica and music world.


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DJ Assassin


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