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PR was founded on April 30th 2011 from marques prata.The constant search for innovative sounds and good-coming artists is top priority.The styles are produced on PR, especially from Marques Prata are very diverse, it ranges from Electro House to Tech House and Minimal.The variety of styles created by the passing away influences from various artists such as: Marques Prata, Walter Edlington, Forty Eyez (singer).A good mix of artists makes for an excellent production of excellent traxx.PR is also working with other labels and releasing even there some of their Traxx and make their remixes are available there, such as: Big Mamas House Records, Volt9, Club Femme Music, Hero in my hood, LAD (PORT) for only this to call.PR can be reported on the following releases:Marques Prata-Alles was ich hatte war dieses Tape/Marques Prata-Sonja/Marques Prata-Elektroherd incl Walter Edlington Remix/Marques Prata-Saw incl Remix von Alvin Kyer/Marques Prata-Bon voyage/Marques Prata-Quantas Horas sao?/Marques Prata-Devotion/Plattendieb Records 1 Year/Marques Prata feat.Fourty eyez-The legend of sound,partially available on beatport.


Dj Marques Prata

Dj Marques Prata


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