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Many artists such as Fierce Ruling Diva, Party Animals, Patrick Jumpen, Frequency, 2000 and one, Flamman & Abraxas, Patrick Jumpen, Double Date, 4Sinners & The Hangouts were launched by Lower East Side Records since 1989. Lower East Side Records is managed by Jeroen Flamman & Jeff "Abraxas" Porter who are themselves responsible for the production of the majority of the label's catalogue.

A series of releases in the early 90's put Lower East Side Records on the map. Fierce Ruling Diva's "Rubb It In" and "You Gotta Believe" as well as Frequency's "Kiss The Sky" are well recognized house classics.

In 1995 there was a turning point when Jeff & Jeroen's remix of Technohead's "I Wanna Be A Hippy" became a Europe-wide hit and their follow up project the Party Animals had three consecutive #1 singles chart positions and silver, gold & platinum sales.

Lower East Side Records has since then operated more as a production house. Party Animals, Flamman & Abraxas, Patrick Jumpen and more recently The Hangouts & 4 Sinners are some of the productions. Released through licensing deals with labels worldwide.

Many of these rights have reverted over the years and those that haven't are being negociated back at this moment to enable a full backlog available online.

Over 200 releases, remixes, loose tracks - many of them well, well known floorfillers including remixes by even weller known producers like Moby, Ritchie Hawtin & John Aquaviva, Lenny Dee, Superchumbo and Juan Atkins.

Lower East Side Records was founded in 1989 and still exists at the same address with the same phonenumber, which makes it one of the oldest dance labels in Holland.


Patrick Jumpen

Patrick Jumpen

The Hangouts

The Hangouts

Axel E Rator

Axel E Rator



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