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Already in the early youth period, I was connected with music in a special way.
It's about to hear rather unknown pieces.
At the age of 9 years I began to take piano lessons.
During this time of 13 years I had a schoolfriends band and composer already the first childlike pieces.
Unfortunately, at the age of fifteen I stopped the pianoforte, but I still occupied myself with singing.
2 years Later, I started to play the guitar and brought first pieces to the pen.
More bands with fun at the music are my stations.
8 years ago I was able to make new connections with the guitar and played with different musicians at various events.
Among other things, with choirs, Irish bands and school projects.
This year 2017 I began to compose a few pieces and I would like to send these pieces to the world.

Ingo Dietzel







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