Label Info

Dropin Recordings is a new independent record label,started by series of events and founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, started in late 2017 ,by Ctrl+J<br /> supported by Frank(Member of "Music Projects Mute Box", Walter & Lomax and Labelowner-Emun Music),and the owner of "Metafiziq Recordings"-Valeri Sholevski(Ogonek).<br /> The young Bulgarian drum and bass producer has at least 11 years of experience in producing music ,as well as in the local party area.<br /> In just a few years of DJing ,he has managed to gain popularity within the local audience and build a reputation with his non-standard,<br /> oldschool sound and selection. <br /> However,he hasn't released most of his author sounds and now he is revealing Dropin Recordings with the desire to finally share his multiple productions worldwide<br /> and eventually,contribute to the Drum and Bass progress and continuity.<br /> Focusing on the Drum and Bass music,the label will be releasing a quality content music with eye to detail and presenting the variety of this genre and would be<br /> supporting and releasing other talented DJs and Producers from all over the world, as well. <br /> Label Target audience would be all dnb headz out there, with attention to the proper rollers and love for the music.<br /> Debut release will be free and will appear very soon, stay tuned.



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