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Dr. K is 1975 in Zeitz (Germany), born and dedicated to
Since 1991, the music. Dr. K plays several instruments, including drums,
Bass, keyboard, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.
Zeitz, he formed his first band "The Fighters" in which he not only
the lead guitarist, but was also the singer. He gave from the start of the group
its own sound that the "Dire Straits" and "Pink Floyd" was similar, but despite the
had a unique sound of rock and country. "The Fighters" were in the region
also very successful. From time to time he also played as guest musician
in other bands.
End of 90'ger he ended his temporary existence in the music.
In early 2001 he again took up his guitar in hand and played
several bands as a guest musician. Even as a studio musician, he was often booked.
2007, then drove him from the castle district, Mansfeld in the country.
Here he first found a well-known country band in which he worked as a bass player
and toured with the group for some time through Germany.
In Eisleben found, however, a few guys with whom Dr. K
together with musicians from the time of Zeitz, the band "Rush Hour" was born.
Once he took leave of the microphone and stopped singing.
As lead guitarist, he brought the band not only in the Mansfeld region, but
across national borders far forward.
Dr. K separated from the end of 2010 "Rush hour" to start his own solo project.



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