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To introduce myself briefly: My name is Dirk, aka DJ Sounds. The special thing about me is, I am hearing impaired from birth. For 10 years I am working with the laying on of plates. It started as a hobby and was initially held irregularly. Everyone has to start somewhere and so I did too. Gradually, my enthusiasm grew for the self attracted attention by all the little progress me with my thing, so I decided to create my software that goes beyond the normal use of beginners. 2010 began producing the real me. I am constantly motivated to develop myself and operate the music production thus with pure joy and enthusiasm. His experience as a DJ is essential for each track. It was clear when their first tracks appeared, their hobby would be not only a hobby more, was it was about a real job to be. And now my wish to develop this knowledge and experience to my production . I have a goal that at some point my music is played live as a set.


DJ Sounds

DJ Sounds



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