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Stimmen aus dem Ruhegebiet (Voices from the quiet area) - the first record by AufRuhr Records says it all. A gaping void in the musical and cultural landscape of the Ruhr-Area was countered by the label's initiative in the late 1970's and 1980's: do-it-yourself, arouse, broaden horizons. Founded by Karl-Heinz Blomann and fellow musicians the emancipation of music production was the focus of the publishing house and label originally: to self-determine the process from artistic notion of creation to publication - a problem, which disappeared with digitalisation. AufRuhr Records develops into a platform for musicians from the Ruhr-Area as well as national and international musicians, on which experimentalism and interdisciplinarity are a matter of course. The spectrum of the artistic involvement is reflected on both the records (until 1999) and currently in two series of events: "Ambitionierte Konzerte" and "Blaues Rauschen".


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