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An autistic author with other handicaps; but yet, very well known for his scientific work and demonstrations in in physical sciences. Growing up in Montrose: a once, very small town in Colorado in the united states, though now, a larger town; but not a city.

Somewhat, activistic and very liberal, but somehow, comes to a point in most discussions; of which instead of fighting;; an understanding is born. Likes peac, though there have been some violent times, but those violent times due to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) However, a fighter for peace and at point, many victors: has yet to see in his life and knows, nor will he; see a world free of war. However, it is still persued, as a dream and through his various activities and projects.

Likes to get high; but with care and that only happens with practice and therefore, sophistication and for psychoneurologicoscientific reasons, which some are parapsychological.

The plant on Sth. 5th St. in MOotrose (which has nothing to do with Mossori.)

Introverted, but likes to party and hang out.

An american (Not a superior american or an american that is superior, but an American (Not cheese or anything that can withstand a microwave oven, but an American human and happy not to be the only person of any kind on the planet... Same, similar or different. he doesn't care in other words.
Nobody is clay and being a ton more clay doesn't mean that it has all been done or out done and the one who claims above that hasn't dug it all; but might say it, but no.
Oh, and 1 more thing: and Airwolf's them was not bad; but I wish not to speak any farther and won't on this page, any farther, in context of the current text; but and only will be questioned by the President, Joe Biden.
Thank you for your interest...

"Tranquility , happiness, peace,..."



Montrose, DO

In a motel,



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