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Linus W. aka Twentythree, born on 2nd of September 1993 in Cologne, is a German Electro-House/Progressive Producer and DJ.

Linus was confronted with music at an early age. Because of his fathers band he was often taken to concerts, where his interest was mainly in the drums.
For this reason he got at the age of three his first little drumset on which he played a bit.

Two years later he took lessons at a music school where he was tought the next ten years.
At about 15 he lost the interest in the accoustic music and he was looking for new challenges.
At the age of 17 he bought an amplifier and a guitar inspired by playing Guitar Hero with a good friend.
From that he learned the songs and thus acting out.
Soon, the drums were rediscovered so that the two friends played together again.

During this time the passion for electronic music came up. A keyboard and a music-software were purchased on which the first trials for a House-track started.
The tracks improved more and more and the productions became more professional.
Soon he started mixing music and got the chance to be the DJ on private partys.

Today he makes songs whenever he got the time alongside school and takes guitar and drum lessons again. In addition to his electronical productions he often meets with friends to make live music.


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