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The klezmer band "Tovte" plays jewish dance music as well as Jiddisch songs and their own compositions.
With witty arrangements and energetic rhythms, the five musicians can easily let their audience listen with delight, as well as dance exuberantly.
Tovte, that is: Tobias Gubesch (clarinet), Nathalie Litzner (violin), Anna Neubert (violin), Leonhard Spies (guitar) und Silas Eifler (double bass). The group was founded 2012 in Cologne, Germany, firstly as a busker band.
Directly off the streets, Tovte was invited to play at jewish wedding - the hour of birth of the band and the initial impulse for an ongoing journey through the world of klezmer. Since then Tovte is not only arranging traditional klezmer tunes, but also composing music in their very unique style, inspired by klezmer, balkan and gypsy jazz, as well as classical music.




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