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Doug Amey and Billy Babjak have been collaborating on music for years. Their first project,"The Nines" took them on a hectic tour schedule back in the 90's playing gigs 4 nights a week. Their CD "Street Noise" received glowing reviews from the Critics, and a great deal of airplay. The Band split after their second tour with The Smithereens to pursue different music projects. Recently Doug and Billy hooked up to work on some new material, and together with drummer Lorenz Cornelisen, started playing gigs in the San Francisco, Bay Area as Stoned Romeos. The musical influences of Stoned Romeos are wide and varied. British Invasion, Rock and Pop, American Roots, Punk, Blues, Psychedelic, you name it, they've incorporated it. The Lyrics are brilliant, the Melodies colorful and strong, and the unforgettable hooks never stop coming at you. Billy Babjak's incredibly powerful Guitar work is at the heart of this music. He will lull you into a trance with songs such as "Empty Suit" or the haunting "Craving" and then you will be rudely awakened with the Townsend-esque power chords and driving leads on songs like "Happy" and "Bump in the Road". Doug Amey and Lorenz Cornelisen make up the driving rhythm section of the Stoned Romeos, and Billy couldn't ask for a better foundation upon which to launch his musical assault! All the material on "Disposable Pop Songs" are Amey & Babjak collaborations. Their new CD "Disposable Pop Songs" is the result of this new collaboration.



Disposable Pop Songs

Disposable Pop Songs
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