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The Band was founded in the summer of 2013 with very clear ideas on future productions, the project started with the idea of developing unreleased music with melodic sounds, dance and rock at the same time, mixing a new sound and respectable.
Initially the name dela band was a whole program, initially there was talk of calling the Mad House group, then eventually he had opted for rings Mantis, for those unfamiliar with the definition of the name I invite him to read on wikipedia the origin (here meaning).
We all belong to the same city, Chioggia, a seaside town, fishing, city of art and tourism, as the most significant name to recall our origins?
With the release of the first single in January 2014, entitled Desert Sky, the group's name is extended with the addition of "Band", then the "Rings Mantis Band" produce their first single, released on label Sfrisoo Records from Feiyr .com in all digital stores of the world, including the album version and the remix of Andrea Sfriso (aka Sfrisoo), to name a few online stores, you can find the single on Amazon, Google Play Store, , Beatport and many others.

After the release of the single, the band has decided to change the "Band" in "Project", being a true musical project, sounded better integrated in the group name, from March 2014, which defines the final name "rings Mantis Project" .
Started the race to the time the project was being developed at supersonic speeds, we wanted to produce an album before or early summer, to begin to present our products and present ourselves to the public, so it was, our first solo album was released June 22, 2014, entitled "We Are Here" begins our presentation to the world intero.Dal 2016 will enter 'to be part of the group chitarrsita Gabriele shoe Replacement Destro Stefano.A soon enter the studio to record our second album which should get out of the first quarter 2016.
Now the band has just finished his second LP entitled for the Impulse label Dense Smoke and records and 'ready for the summer tour.





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