Artist Info

Snowman is a progressive rock project from Portugal, performed by Pedro Fernandes (vocals and guitar), Dinis Costa (keyboards), and many other musitian friends like Tiago Faria and David Vieira (drums), Ruydabass (bass), Guilherme Luz (analogic keys), Rui Godinho (keyboards) and Cristiana Gomes (flute).
This kind of sound is influenced by Genesis, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Opeth and Camel. In 2018 Snowman have released its first single “Leave it all behind” and in 2019 the EP “Inner Light” was remarked as their most focused and melodic material!
In 2021, Snowman release their new single "A Storm Coming" from the upcoming new album "In a better place" (2022) already available in all digital platforms.



Contact: Dinis Costa; Phone number: +351 933 289 741;


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