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Born in Italy, Silvia De Santis started singing at just 8 years of age. She first developed roots in Gospel and further refined her vocals by studying the greats of Jazz and Opera Singing. At the age of 17, a new chapter: Silvia started writing her own songs. She currently has 4 albums to her name. She has performed live in numerous music venues and festivals, competitions as well as singing on television. Her performances on the program “The Voice of Italy” are one her biggest achievements so far. This experience brought her to open concerts for the international singers Shirley King and James Blunt. Silvia is an eclectic, passionate and avid singer, who dedicates herself to modern music, bringing her unique and unmistakeable charisma and charm to the stage.

Cantautrice italiana, esordisce nel mondo della musica alla sola età di 8 anni, dapprima nel Gospel e successivamente affinando la sua vocalità con i grandi del Jazz. Cantante eclettica ed insaziabile, si diploma in canto lirico, per poi approdare nella musica moderna con un carisma unico ed inconfondibile. Tante sono le apparizioni televisive ed i live, con 4 dischi all’attivo e diversi singoli, ma la conquista del grande pubblico avviene con la partecipazione al programma televisivo di Rai 2 “The Voice of Italy” Le sue performances diventano opening act ufficiali per Shirley King e James Blunt.




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