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Born in 1990 in the month of October, from infancy to 6 years received his first piano. from there he began to receive musical influences. His early influences clearly departed from its nearest relatives such as cousins and his uncle. At 13 he received his first guitar began to fall in love with rock wave learned the basic notes and began to walk through a field of self learning. Never formally studied music. After all these influences that derive from classic rock to grindcore found electronic music in 2004 and then began to flee the conventional acoustic that this most polite, through friends discovered house music, minimal and trance. In 2006 a very close friend showed him a song of Drumsound and Bassline Smith Cold Turkey was called and then his incessant curiosity led him to a state of incredible interest in this musical style that is the Drum & Bass. In 2008 another discovery ha and thus begins to make their practices in fl studio 8.0 program, which still uses to make their music.


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