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After over 40 years since we last played in a band together ..... yes, obviously we were very, very young then! ...... Here we are in a Guitar/Vocal & Sax Duo, playing highly entertaining Classic Jazz & Pop Songs that everyone will know and love!!

My name is Dave Nicholls and along with Simon Moxham (Simon The Sax) we are a professional guitar/vocal and sax duo, playing anything from classic oldies and pop to more up to date material but all are well known songs. We can offer a variety of options including Instrumental sets and a completely self-contained DJ setup.

What we are really looking for is the early doors corporate, golf club or wedding slots but we are fairly newly formed and so will consider anything at this stage of what will be a long standing partnership. We have known each other since we were both pre-teens and have both been playing from an early age but only now have we had the opportunity to work together professionally.

I live in Coventry and Simon in Northampton.



Studio Only Guitar & Sax Duo


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