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Museum Of Neurotic Origins are a German Indietronic-Band formed in 1998 and consisting of Maik Büning, Michael Herrmann, Natascha Terhorst & Michel Schmeink.

The intelligent lyrics are usually mixed with a sort of melancholy, but they also share a droll sense of humor, which is reflected in the songs and in the sounds.
2004/05 they worked for the German Metal Band "WIZARD", composed orchestral arrangements, and played as support for the German Wave Band "Escape with Romeo".
WIZARDs leadsinger Sven D´Anna was guest singer on a track of their outstanding work "The Cities and the Trees" from 2008.
In 2009 they collaborate with Davy Vain, Erik Nordlander, Lana Lane, Wolfgang Hohlbein and Volker Leson for a music project called "DELANY" based on the Novel "Chronicle Of The Immortal" written by W. Hohlbein.




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