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Mister Mike (Michael Wenzel) makes music since the 90s and has developed his own music style influenced by many genres. With his label "Black2Production & AHBeats Wenzel" he worked together with several artist and has produced a lot of nice songs in the past. He is still working with other musicians and supports them. With his artist name "Mister Mike" he wants to move further with german pop & discofox music.



Artist: &quot;Mister Mike&quot;<br /> <br /> E-mail:<br /> Homepage:<br /> <br /> Label: Black2production &amp; Ahbeats Wenzel<br /> Labelcode: lc 30136<br /> Homepage:<br /> E-mail:<br /> Phone: +49 30 701 76 508<br /> Fax: +49 30 701 76 509


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