Artist Info

In 1993 the DJ- and music project "MASTERMIND" was founded.
In this time MASTERMIND adapted itself strongly to the clear hardcore sound from up to 180 bpm.
But because as generally known, time, style, and taste changes, MASTERMIND progressed and followed the new trends.
Their sound today is as pushing as it was before and fits perfectly to all good clubs!
We offer a nice mixture from underground-techno, progressive and several ways of dance and trance.

Already in 1993 MASTERMIND was successful in regional areas with their single "Hossa" and the following album "Löcher".
They didn't get rich through this... But rich in experience!
With these productions they could learn a lot and progressed for their future musical works.
The new gained experiences were useful when MASTERMIND cooperated with other artists,
but following the motto "MASTERMIND never dies" they still worked at their own projects.

Because of the extraordinary sounds MASTERMIND could show their skills in clubs, online as well as on many different events and brought the sound to the people - with great success!!
What is the secret of MASTERMIND?
Just easy: MASTERMIMND is simply different!

MASTERMIND is back! From Past, to Present, to Future! We are the music!





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