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Martin Paulus,born 13.03.1971,Esslingen a/N Germany,over 20 years composer,singer.
Martin Andreas Paulus was born on the 13th of March, 1971 in Esslingen on the Neckar.
After school departure in 1987 he was taken up by the South American music group Huayruro and was trained in the play in 15 different flute kinds as well as other instruments.
He worked together with this group for many years and appeared with the cultural programmes in numerous events. Later Martin some years was a member of the group Runa Mayu with which he took to the road primarily in Italy.
From 1991 Martin began with the spreading and presentation of own music which he played primarily with guitar and panpipes.
By the influence of his best friend Jose Hernandes Martin got into contact with the fire of Spanish music which lighted him straight away.
In the course of the time Martin Paulus worked a repertoire with Spanish songs of the Gipsy Kings and also own Spanish songs with which he appeared about many years in famous Spanish music bars and at bigger parties.
In Tuscany Martin was staying over and over again with pleasure and could also appear on big Openair events.
In 2007 Martin started to compile a repertoire with Italian pop music and with songs of Phil Collins.


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