Artist Info

Musically, as I have already mentioned, I spend 10 to 15 years in the Producer area.
I've tried many styles, starting with techno, as it's the easiest
The first steps I have made with (Music 200), (for the generation Playstation that may be a concept.

Since the resources and opportunities are very limited, I looked around relatively quickly for new opportunities.
My then inspiration was Scooter, Sven Faid, Armin van Buren, Schiller, and various others, both sound and technical, he was 100% in my field of interest.

Scooter made his songs after some research with Cubase, and after some time I bought the program too. but had to realize that this is not really understandable for me. and in the beginning too many options were available.

Meanwhile, I looked around for an alternative, and found it after a few months too .. FL Studio 3 ... there was everything you needed and I combed it very quickly, and had quite quickly finished the first song.

Soundwise and compositionally, I was still far from what one officially calls ^ ^ but I liked it ..

my hobby was born .. and from then till now I stayed at Fl Studio ..




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