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A Slovak producer John Spark debuted in 2005 with his first album "Furious". In that time he created his music tag under the pseudonym (JSR) that gradually developed into a production company (LABEL) and officially entered the market in 2016. Since then, he has managed to release several musical works sold and distributed worldwide. After a five- year -break, he has entered the music scene again. In November 2016, he released a single called a „Come Back“ and about a month later his remix of a successful song „Perinbaba“ by Petr Hapka. Petr Hapka, a deceased famous Czech composer, composed the music for a film „Perinbaba“, which is mainly known in the Czech as well as the Slovak Republic. John Spark also made a music clip to the released remix all under the auspices of his own production company (Label) JSRrec. He is a full and represented member of SOZA - Slovak Copyright Collecting Society. Thanks to the distribution company DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs Gmb H, he succeeded in winning recognition of all important digital music portals worldwide. At present, he is working on new projects that you will definitely hear about in collaboration with various singers and music bands.


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