Artist Info

Joerg Coon, real name Joerg Fehlemann, was born in Halle a. S., Germany.

while still young he already showed interest in electronic music.
since 1995 he has been keen on Indepent Ebm Sound & Synthi Pop. Electronic sounds and melodic rhythms seem to magically addict him. First and foremost his heart always favored the infectious rhythm of techno sounds in a time where many genres and artists decorated a still very young music scene.

in 1998 Joerg felt in love with music and vinyl so much that he decided to purchase his own turntable just one year later. He loves progressive sound - thru deep and dark techno - and everything along with it especially its history and development through the years. He has always loved to have that special feeling when he presented sound which inspired and thrilled people during his club sessions.

meanwhile, Joerg focuses on own independent projects which will leave a mark once again this year. Some releases are scheduled in which he put in all of his inspirational and emotional ideas.

we are looking forward to hearing from his music and releases as well as his bright mood which he wants to share with the crowd.




tel: 01713327458


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