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Jacek Stam was 1952 in Gdansk (Poland) born. 1957 he was already his first private piano lessons. 1963 documented at the State Music School of the 1st stage in the tray Danzig piano. From 1968 on, he was at the 2nd Level of the State music school, where he was in the Faculty of orchestral conducting, and music ensemble led further education training. 1973 he studied at the St. Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk in the Faculty of choral conducting, led ensemble, music education and music science. 1977, he once for special services, the basic study has been shortened his studies.

As 1972 began Jacek Stam with his work as a freelance artist, pianist, composer, arranger and music teacher at the cultural houses in Gdansk. He worked for various artists agents for the Polish radio and the television, for the music and opera theater in Gdynia, in the Song Festival in Opole, for the token film studio "SE-MA-FOR", for various ensembles, and for the Dramatic Theater in Grudziac.

The piano compositions, poetic songs, jazz, pop, cabaret, theater, music, animation and music work for radio and television are part of his musical creativity.

1989 moved it to Germany. 2005 he opened in Haltern am See the Private Music School Preludio in which he working with students. Behind the piano sound training, training in harmony, jazz harmony and ear training with Brainin-Methode, orchestral and choral conducting, is an overall concept, which includes multimedia approaches to music includes.

Since 2007 Jacek Stam is a member of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) at UNESCO.





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