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Gianmarco Staccone Italian DJ / Producer, Owner of the 2k21 Recordings label. He was born in Albano Laziale in the province of Rome on 17/12/1990 and from an early age he had a passion for music. At the age of ten he began to take private piano lessons, he began to study, read and solfize music. At the age of thirteen he began to understand the great involvement and what electronic music conveyed, especially playing it. Seeing the DJs play he learned this craft, so much so that he left the piano and devote himself to the work of the DJ that fascinated him and paid off more and more. Growing up after many private parties and evenings with his friends, she worked in some discos and pubs in the capital. His music ranges from Deep House to House to NuDisco / Funky and Afro House
I attended the music college at Saint Louis in Rome following the Electronic Production course (Sonic Arts) ...




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