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Emma Goldberg<br /> is a French Pop singer and song maker she began her carrier in 1996.<br /> She made 6 cd's before this collaboration With Michel Valence, the most famous ones are T...FOR EVER (2010) and BODYGUARD (2012) .<br /> She 's played in different countries (USA, Spain, Belgium, France...) and sang in different countries, Poland, Spain, Belgium...<br /> Nowadays, She's working with Mao Otayeck<br /> (he's working with Stevie Wonder, musical director and Guitar, Bercy 2008 and world tour), they are singing her new song in duet with him MADIBA, coming in 2016.<br /> 2016 will be a good year, new collaborations, we're waiting for good news and new songs, she's in recording studios, working and writting her new cd coming in 2017 .



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