Artist Info

Cristian Saibel is a Dj and producer born and bred in Barcelona. Cristian has always found music to be a free and effective way to release an intimate and uncensored message. He utilizes music as a tool to transport himself into alternate realities.

He has traveled through several musical styles throughout his career with origins marked by techno, electro, and acid. Later on became attracted to music genres such as breakbeat or drum and bass, performing in clubs and has been especially immersed in the catalan raver movement at the beginning of the 2000s and loving both, logistic planning and settings, and expressing himself behind the turntables without limits.

Today immersed again in the techno and electro sound, Cristian wants to show his feelings and thoughts especially with his own productions since he has focused his energy on the studio in recent years.

Behind the decks, he has a natural fluency for rhythm and an innate ability to blend styles. He awakes your senses and allows the audience to experience sensations guided by heavy basslines, mesmerizing atmospheres, cosmic sounds, and percussive grooves.

Cristian joins forces with DJ and producer Mudes in 2018. They have a strong and extraterrestrial connection and thus created a duo “Diopside”, with the purpose of showing similar perceptions but interpreted from two different organisms.

With the intention of sharing thoughts and emotions, Cristian and Mudes also teamed up with their friend and music partner Juan Take to form their own “Abstrakt Perceptions”. A brand new independent label concept that calls upon a multitude of textures and blends of techno and electro as main genres.



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