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Aquinaee is an electronic music project by german producer Axel Wirtz, focussing on Deep Tech House, Melodic Techno and Electronica. From beginning of the 90s he played as a DJ all over Germany and Europe. Intercontinental gigs in Mexico-City and Hong Kong were following, always based on his residencies at renowned Hamburg clubs UNIT and (later on) PHONODROME. His first record, S-A-S - From The Inside (in cooperation with Sören Schnakenberg), was released on Superstition Rec. in 2000. In the same year he released the 12" Tiefenrausch - Tiefenrausch I (in cooperation with Oliver Lieb) on Ellipse Rec. In 2002 Axel moved to Berlin where he worked in the major music industry for more than 10 years. In 2013 he left Berlin to Düsseldorf/Germany to found his label Axzone Recordings and is since focussed on his own productions under his artist name Aquinaee amongst other music projects. Since then he has released several records such as e.g "Alactritas", "Solaris" and "Magna Vitae". Next Aquinaee release is titled "Aventus", to be released on Sep, 29th, 2023.


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