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Have you ever been?
This is a question asked by many people but also a text written by Bone in 1998 and the first song ever we were able to play.
15 years later, in 2013, we established Antz & Bones due to our friendship and "Have you ever been".
How do we describe our music? This is simple. It's like Antz & Bones.
Surely, heaven is not grey all the time but also not blue. This is the reason why you find all emotions in the range of hopelessness to the spirit of optimism in our music.
We are very proud of everything we reached and look forward to ... what ever comes.
What does "WE" mean? We are Bone and Andy.

We are Antz & Bones!


Good Times for Bad Dreams

Good Times for Bad Dreams
P.R. Berlin


P.R. Berlin


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