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Sven K. (alias 'Aurora Borealis') began in the mid-90s to make active music. Under his real name, he performed by numerous occasions in many cities in Germany.

At first purely instrumental (and later as vocal artist) his music was influenced by Vangelis, before he inspired his audiences vocally with oldies. His performances have ranged from small candlelight dinners to large events in front of several thousand people. For several years he was even an online radio presenter.

Since a longer break, which he invested in the creation of his new family, Sven K. want to leave behind his image as "cuddly singer". With a new name he leaved the world of tender music and will now more deal with danceable beats. His latest songs are inspired by many artists, but they bear his personal and distinctive stamp.

"However, I won't throw my songs onto the market en masse!", says the now 46-year-old. "Since I still work quite normally, I don't have much time and will only be able to publish a new title every now and then."

From time to time he works with some other artists, for example with Ad Infinitum, who has already supported him on two songs on the single "Come Into The Light". "In return, I mix his tracks and develop ideas for his songs with him."

What are his plans for the future? "Now I'm going to aim for a radio promotion. That will usually be the best way to sell more than just a handful of records. Hardly anyone buys your music if they don't know it. And radio is the number 1 medium, to draw attention to yourself."

- Herne, Germany (March 2020)



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