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Born in the mid-90s, in one of the three most criminal cities in the entire post-Soviet space, Kirill grew up watching the birth and transformation of a new culture. From a young age he mastered musical skills by studying foreign rock music and electronics. Escaping from the gray reality, Kirill devoted his life to music. In the early 10s, he moved to St. Petersburg and entered university, where he studied music production. The Cultural Capital gave him a new world, showing all the beauty of complex, academic, mathematical and simply atmospheric music. But the dark gateways of "Russian Detroit", the philosophy of punk and the aesthetics of the overgrown monuments of Soviet constructivism left a noticeable mark on his soul. And so the easy creative process within one person turned into a constant struggle between two completely opposite worlds.
And so far, every step in this struggle is worth its weight in gold.

Currently, in parallel with its own creative self-identification, AFIst is producing third-party music projects both independently and together with In.Spyral as part of the Spyralfist production project.


Inst: __afist__


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