Spotify News: Canvas Tool & Innovations in the Pitching Process

After a long test phase, during which only selected artists had access to the canvas feature, Spotify has now unlocked the tool for our entire catalog.
A canvas is an animation or video loop with a maximum length of 8 seconds. The visualization is shown to the Spotify user when playing a title that has been provided with a canvas. The tool has proven to be very effective in increasing traffic during the test phase. The upload is done via Spotify for Artists. More information about the specifications can be found here.

Furthermore Spotify has announced to revise the pitching process. The positioning of the pitching tool has already moved to the upper right corner of the Spotify for Artists account. In the near future it will be necessary (and probably mandatory) to provide more detailed information regarding the origin, genre, lyrics, theme and marketing strategy of the song. This should enable an easier selection and more accurate allocation to playlists on Spotify's side.
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