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My name is Benjamin Reischer. I was born on 3rd April 1982 in Innsbruck, a town in Tirol, Austria.

Music always was a Hobby, becoming more and more my profession.

When I was a little boy, I used listen to the radio in my mothers kitchen.
They played sound, and when I was turned on by the music, I begann to play keyboard on the kitchen table. In this time, I had no keyboard, but I Imagined one.

10 years later, I earned money, so I bought myself music equipements.

When I begann making music, I asked a lot of my friends of for help.
Later and now, I am watching YouTube Channels for getting better, and improve my sound. I am now faster learning, and my music is getting better and better.

I hope this was interesting information for you, and you start, or keep on going listen to my music.

Benjamin Reischer, Ben-G or Zelos.


Ben-G Zelos

Ben-G Zelos

Benjamin Reischer

Benjamin Reischer


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