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A new techno label is born with fresh sound and recognition. The name of the label ZakkBeatzZ has a dragi story. His father had a stroke and the voice area was damaged and everything what he says, the words he speaks are only "Zak Zak". His fathers condition is better, but the language persisted.

The foundation as DJ, Producer and Soundmaker of Jörg Mrowietz (CCJ / The Brain). In the late 80s and 90s, he had already operated the popular and mostly commercial worn label CER (Cold Effect Records) with a partner. They discovered many artists. where the DJ and boss of the label attracted attention. Now, he will brings this experience to his new Label ZakkBeatzZ, the Focus are Techno. High-quality sound and ideas, that`s have already been heard in Clubs and at various festivals…The first release on ZakkBeatzZ are Thizz / Brain Infection EP. The Music are already being played in many clubs and festivals. The first album of Jörg Mrowietz "Brain Infection" is high on the way and signals his love for music and his visions.


Jörg Mrowietz

Jörg Mrowietz



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