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Hopeland is birthplace for the music we love to listen.
The common thread is quality, not necessarily the style of music.
We would like to stay in your imagination as a label to follow to find good music, not homologated music. Maybe an anti-commercial choice, probably risky, but in the end the only choice that allows us to follow our hearts remaining in harmony with our love for music.
We believe it is important to let you know that we treat all productions in every single aspect. We follow the artists in the arrangements, recordings and generally, in the realization of their ideas. We are a small independent label, but for this we take care of our music, as you would a skilled artisan would do it, to hand you from time to time small pieces of contemporary music, able to tell an insight into the world in which we live.
we hope to contribute to change the usual music market, doing a little step back and quitting treat music as just an ordinary piece of business, and finding strength to even think about music exactly as art.
We invest in first person devoting every bit of our expertise and energy to the realization of something that first of all, is the dream of an artist.
We hope to offer you every day a richer and more interesting musical selection to gain your attention and become your trusted friend to whom you can seek advice on a good album or a new artist to listen to.


Marco Cocco

Marco Cocco



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