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We make Music for everyone. We have Latino, Dance, Rock/Pop and other. Our artists are all from the Town Cuxhaven in Germany, coming from all over the world. We make our own Musicproduction in the FenPortStudio/Cuxhaven by the Producer Oliveira and Otto. Giving everyone the chance to make his own song is our device. Over 20 years of music entertainment we have. In very diferent style´s of music. From classic Dance to the modern art of Dance Music, from rock to traditional Pop, to the large form of Latino Pop. By the way, we make music for sportclubs and other. The Top Act in the moment is LizM and DJ Amos, LizM makes a very good Pop/Rock, DJ Amos is spending his time in making good vibes for Dancefloor. The new Artist Fahrenheit is making is first Album with german lyrics in the new up coming german rock area with a good voice and faboulos lyrics.


Tony O.

Tony O.


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